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live this is kron 4 news @ 4:00 with a developing story. at 4:00 our developing story on the san bruno gas line explosion. today for the first time were hearing from the crews who first responded to the explosion christine conley joins us live with more on their experience as they rushed to the scene last thursday. christine. >> more than 201st responders rush to the scene on thursday and emergency personnel have been here ever since. live you can see pg&e crews still trying to restore power, he sees several crews running on lines. as we as a man were going to show you the crater that was created by the explosion in the meantime emergency personnel
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continuing to go through the rubble and also surged and continue their investigation. the rest of the street, you can see this church that's been set up as a place for emergency personnel to get food and take a rest. for the rover in this parking lot you can see the trend center that's been set up for emergency personnel as well. for the first time were starting to hear from some of the first responders. we talked to the captain with the san bruno fire department here's his story. >> this fireball's the sound, the noise of it was deafening and very loud. it sounded very much like it could of been a jet airplane engine still running. as we took the turn their citizens fleeing the street running up the hill. san bruno police department was arriving on seemed it was very chaotic, cars were driving driving get out of this the street. we'll try to make our way into the fire we saw the pipeline
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industry which turned out to be the gas pipe. we thought that was part of an airplane but we couldn't confirm it. thankfully we learned after about 20 minutes it was not an aircraft and press that was a big sigh of relief because we were afraid we might have had a lot of victims on board the airplane. we were trying to work and getting hot engine 51 get a water supply because they needed mass of water for this thing. then we discovered that out there was no water in the hydrants we think the water main had been blown out by the blast. it's a sinking feeling to say the least because you count on the water being bearish and if there's ever a time needed it it was there. there were citizens helping a strike fire hose, it was all hands on deck in every sense of the word. >> >> a lot of these furs response service lived in the area or may be growth in this area of the people were rushing help in many cases where people they knew. a lot of emotional stories coming
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from them today. also they're saying they want to think the community everyone doing everything they can tin this situation. >> the work continues in that neighborhood kron 4 moreen kelly shows as the scene near the epicenter of the explosion. >> >> just a few feet away from the crater you can see the utility trucks are still lining the streets of glenview drive at&t tells me they're just about done stringing all the cable for phone line and internet connection. it they should be done by tomorrow they're telling me to read you can see one of their worker stringing cable right now. what they're going to do next is take down all of the burn wire and vern polls. that will be the next job. if there's a lot of activity on the scene in here you can see the red cross is on the scene and if i pan over you can see a police officer. but there are a lot of different law enforcement agencies here keeping the seemed
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secure. it will be on the officer you can see a truck for contractor this is one of many contractors who were here on seen these are restoration companies. they help deal with fire damage and water damage their general all-around contract in. here's some video shot earlier today of a claims adjuster the inspecting a green tag home this is one of three homes he's going to be looking at today. he said his insurance company aaa is handling 100 claims in this area. >> the fourth victim killed in the explosion has now buy and been identified this is a photograph of 81 year-old elizabeth torres. she tried died in the fire that consumed her home. three other relatives were seriously hurt in are in the hospital with burn injuries tonight. according to property records the bomb and missile is a mere yard away from the explosion tore it off 44 year-
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old and a 13 year-old paul and 20 year-old jessica also perished. three others are still missing 17 year-old william bullitt and his father of gregory bolide who is on the right. it the third person on account for is williams grandmother. friends and family have desperately been visiting the evacuation centers and calling local hospitals so far without any luck. eugenia city inspectors have been busy chatting on power making sure that homes are safe to return to. kron 4 creek to walk to one resonance was able to go home and set a reminder of the terrible disaster can be seen from her window. >> lisa finally got back to a house once the yellow tag home considered unsafe is that grain safe again. >> to just realize now that it was yellow tags before they turned to a green tag. >> pg&e crews came up the power up and running. san burner city
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inspector took a closer look to make sure it's safe to look in. across the street the views unmistakeable devastation from the explosion will be there for the foreseeable future. >> it's hard to come back and see devastation in my front yard. it was hard to come back to very overwhelming very emotional. just sell loans and sure that smells going to be here for awhile. >> she's not sure when her family moved back and even though there clear to do so. some people living next to the disaster said the move away for it's just too much. for the system nearly means living in a place that will never be the same even after the view from home begins to look like a normal neighborhood again. >> placebo goes hopefully the neighborhood will turn back but it will be a long time >> shore> we now have the audio recordings of the emergency communications between dispatch and fire crews and the first frantic moments of the san bruno gas line explosion. take a
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listen. it appears we have a plane down in the neighborhood multiple structures on fire and we of the fireball. just northeast we have made sure he to on the homes right now. stop the engine we have no water we need them to weigh in to us. stop the engine we have no water in the hydrant. copy that. engine 38 go ahead we think we have a broken water main down here we need to weigh in from the corner of san bruno ave. eleven's 36 claremont to caretaker's inside that many rescue need to do along for some alert we need every pd officer to assist with evacuation. we
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could use some lines right now we have an engine with tank water trade we have medical triage that point. i had a net glenview npr's san bruno is dry trade for still waiting for water. if you can bring in some water. we have an active hydrant at claremont and concord also a patient with severe third degree burns at the 1500's block of claremont we will require an ambulance at that location. to listen to all of the audio dispatch had to our web site stay with kron 4 news as we continue our coverage of the san bruno gas line explosion. it still had a look of the pipeline danger and risky lines that could be near you. heavy duty truck,
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the see fog over the bridge tower but not too bad. mostly sunny skies and temperatures have warmed up as we expected. our inland spots in the upper '70's or low 80's. the 80 antioch, 81 fairfield temperatures in the north the most '70s. 63 and san francisco, seven in hayward and 73 in san jose. the fog cut in the north bay coast to clear down to the south and the rest of the bay area. the fog will push back in tonight into the bay and then inland. wednesday tomorrow or point to get fog in the morning and then warmer conditions for the afternoon and for the rest of the week it will be mild through thursday but a chance of rain into friday and saturday. our extended forecast, temperatures warming up tomorrow and a little more on thursday before the cool back down and we get the chance of showers in the forecast. it's looking more likely will start in the north bay and spread to the rest of the bay area on saturday but we
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the united states is crisscrossed with more than 2 million more miles of pipeline carried they were largely built in the 1950's and 60's. while federal investigators tried to discover the cause of the explosion pipeline safety advocates say there is only one way to prevent future accidents. >> they have to be inspected with more rigor than they are today pureed >> this chart shows the scope of the problems the '50s and '60s some more pipeline construction and any time of 4¢. shoe here in the bay area piccinni gas transmission network looks like a free map. the pipeline share every major bridge. the good news is most accidents are not caused by age or corrosion. between 2000 and 2009 there right 87 serious pipe line
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incidents in california. the most common cause was third- party excavation. in that time the total damage was just under $27 million. if four people died and 16 were injured. >> this is a chunk of the 30 in. diameter pipe that live in san bruno last week. it was considered a high-risk line because it ran through heavily populated area. kron 4 rob went to a free more with the mayor is concerned another high risk line run service community. >> the bottom-line issue are we in any danger? >> mayor said it's his understanding that piccinni has identified a number of high risk and gas pipelines around the state including one in a highly populated area of fremont and he wants action. >> we now know we have a tight running through fremont that's a high risk pipes. that's something were not pleased with and were going to insist that
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inspections occur as quickly as possible. >> he said he wants all the gas lines in fremont tested including this one, the one that runs along the avenue where warning signs like this alert wrote in construction crews of its location. >> it should be tested continuously all the time. perhaps alerts put on it so if there's any problem with that will go very quickly >> he said it also the gas lines near the hayward fault any as a lot of questions for pg&e about that too. >> when we call line a high risk what does that mean? what are the potential things that could happen? and more importantly what are the things we can do to avoid those things? >> pg&e has a month to inspect all of its gas lines across
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california anyone's all those in fremont to be first on the list. in fremont rob kron 4 news. >> some people are claiming that piccinni may be trying to pass the costs of the san bruno explosion on to customers. the utility today submitted an application to the california public utilities commission speaking to bill customers for costs related to disasters such as well fires which are caused by the company carried kron 4 was at the meeting when that question was raised. >> but that was important to make a record today while the public is carefully focused on the issue. >> although the california public utility procedural hearing was focused on a pg&e application seeking to build repairs the costs related to wildfires caused by the utility company. attorney wanted to know what the san bruno gas line explosion was being lumped into the application as well?
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piccinni legal counsel >> cost recovery through this proceeding through that tragedy. >> piccinni's said the public should not worry about the utility company passing on damage costs connected to the san bruno gas line explosion. >> we have a billion dollars of general liability insurance. those claims could be covered under. >> attorney said there's another reason he brought up the san bruno incident at this puc hearing. >> so that we could have piccinni pin down and so they couldn't change their mind down the road and have the ratepayers pay for whatever damages are rise out of the tragedy of san bruno. >> new details tonight on sera more than a year an iranian prison the uc-berkeley graduate is free tonight. if she is one
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of the three american hikers arrested on the iran-iraq border and accused of spying. >> >> a few fleeting images of serta data as she got ready to board a plane to freedom. it did not happen until a bail was paid $500,000. american officials say neither the u.s. government or the hikers family paid it. iranian reporters had asked sarah about her release. >> i want to offer my thanks to everyone in the world of the government and people and i especially want to address how grateful and i am humbled by this. >> she did not mention her two companions still in prison this was a scene last may when all three americans were allowed visits with their mothers. sears fiancee apparently are not being released anytime soon. iran's chief prosecutor talked about sears release on tv. >> she was set free and she
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believed piranha she >> wants to> she arrived a few hours ago this speculation tonight that it was that country's government which paid the bail money. helped in the negotiations. the show you were the three americans were when they arrested last year you can see iraq and ron and on google earth. were going to take this fall and fly on entry to the americans claim they were hiking near phoenix waterfall this is in iraq. you can see it trade on the run border. you can see how amount necessary is. the hikers were detained after they allegedly walked across an unmarked border into ron. >> of a programming note to tell you about this thursday nbc will air the giants game and crown will air nbc programming. at
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not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. our inland spots back in the upper '70's low 80's for the most part. in to the '70s for the most part in the north bay 63 san francisco, 73 in san jose. if we will see the return of the fog this evening. a san mateo coast is clear but the fog will come along the coast and continue along the north because this evening. to our morning fog along the coast and around the bay shore so that will peel back same as it did today so by tomorrow afternoon sunny skies and temperatures warming a little more into the low 80's for the most part in our inland location. but stick a look neighborhood by neighborhood, 81
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concord, 83 antioch warming up in the north bay 80 in santa rosa, 78 in now but appeared our bay shores in the low seventies 74 in fremont, met you and fremont. if 77 in san jose. if that's get a look at your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast. first were going to see gradual warming of the next couple of days. friday into saturday pretty strong storm that's pushing into the gulf of alaska and that looks like it's going to clip us. friday's seat will see a chance of showers and all continue through the rest the bay area on saturday. more and more likely exactly how much rain we will see. next week things will dry out and warm up and we have better weather on tap for next week. stay with us and we have better weather on tap for next week. stay with us will be right back after this. and so was most of the car. my mercury agent, steve, told me the car was covered. i switched to mercury because i saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance,
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